Council participates in "Egyptian Ifta" Conference

  • 2021-Aug-03
Dr. Mohamed Bechari, Secretary-General of The World Muslim Communities Council, said during his speech
at the Sixth International Conference of the Egyptian Dar Al-Ifta that the need to find institutional harmony in the age of digitization comes in response to the challenges and requirements of the era of digital modernity, with the accompanying “intellectual debate” that brings good and bad things, and where the world suffers from a large number of currents of terrorism, which indicates the need for scholars to seek to “sifter” the intellectual currents, seize the opportunity of the current developments in the dissemination of correct thought, broadcast of the noble and tolerant Islamic message and to miss opportunities on every discourse that does not fit the present. Bechari added that talking about what we want from fatwa institutions leads us to the necessity of “criticizing the fiqh state of quo” in Europe and the countries of Muslim communities in general, and the need to distinguish what is right and wrong in every scientific subject, based on strict scientific rules. The Secretary-General considered that the cooperation of the fatwa institutions in the countries of Muslim Communities constitutes a strong basis that allows the growth of coexistence, and building of a pure fatwa reference. It also allows qualified muftis in Sharia sciences. His Excellency explained that talking about the fatwa institutions state of quo is a modest effort added to the efforts of Muslim scholars that not theorizing about Muslims affairs without a realistic basis. He concluded his speech by emphasizing that the relationship of the fatwa’s houses in Muslim communities with other state agencies is both a positive and a negative factor,so it is necessary to criticize what he called the "non-contextual fatwa".


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