TWMCC Holds ‘Exploration of the Diversity within South African Islam’ Ramadan Lecture

  • 2024-Mar-25

The World Muslim Communities Council held an online Ramadan lecture, titled 'Exploration of the Diversity within South African Islam', delivered by Professor Muhammed Haron, Director of International Relations at International Peace College South Africa.

During the lecture, Prof. Haron said that there has been a shift away from Arabic towards English as the predominant language in Indonesia and Malaysia, unlike Indians who still speak many dialects.

He noted that this shift has resulted in the loss of linguistic heritage for the current generation, describing this development as regrettable, due to such languages significant identity value for these societies.

In addition, Prof. Haron added that Muslim communities have played a significant and influential role in shaping the cultural landscape of South Africa.

Moreover, he indicated that numerous Muslims in Cape Town hold a significant presence in the construction industry, with some ascending to prominent contracting roles, while others operate on a smaller scale and widely spread.

He further noted that Muslims have been pivotal in facilitating business, particularly in import and export trade between South Asia and South Africa, contributing to the prosperity of this sector.

"Many Muslims have made diverse contributions to the economy," he stressed, adding that Muslims are prominently involved in various sectors, with some businesses being operated by Muslims.

Furthermore, Prof. Haron said that women have made substantial contributions to the Islamic identity in South Africa, with numerous Muslim family-run companies having a significant presence in Dubai and extending their operations beyond African borders.

TWMCC is an international non-governmental organisation that functions as a think tank. It supports Muslim community organisations and associations by helping them improve their operations, collaborate effectively, and adopt innovative approaches.


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