TWMCC Holds "Muslim Citizenship in Europe" Online Lecture

  • 2024-Jun-25

The World Muslim Communities Council held  "Muslim Citizenship in Europe" online lecture, presented by Dr Konrad Tomasz Pędziwiatr, Senior Researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies for Population and Religion and Professor at the Department of International Affairs at the Krakow University of Economics, Poland, as part of the Council's lecture series.

During the lecture, Dr Pędziwiatr explained that the large migration of Muslims to Europe began after World War II, noting that the first historical presence of Muslims in Europe was in Sicily in the 9th Century AD and extended for several centuries. "They contributed greatly to irrigation, medicine, and mathematics systems and had demographic and societal impacts, not just urban and heritage" he Said.

He added that "Muslims went through an active, dynamic change from the stage of Islam of immigrants to Islam of citizens, the second and third generations did not abandon their religion but used it innovatively, calling for strengthening the partnership between religious leaders and active parties in society".

Furthermore, Dr Pędziwiatr pointed out that "massive Muslim migration to Europe began after World War II, leading to a significant socio-demographic impact on Europe. The first historical presence of Muslims in Europe was in Sicily and Spain".

He also noted that "in Europe, Islam is once again mentioned as a forgotten pillar of European civilisation, highlightng that we are witnessing a very significant growth in the number of Muslims in Europe, as one out of every four citizens is Muslim".

It is noteworthy that the World Muslim Communities Council is an international non-governmental organisation. It is considered a house of expertise for rationalising organisations and institutions working in Muslim Communities, renewing their thinking, improving their performance, and coordinating among them.


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