TWMCC Holds ‘A Journey of Converted Muslim in Humanitarian Work’ Online Ramadan Lecture

  • 2024-Mar-27

The World Muslim Communities Council hosted an online Ramadan lecture titled "A Journey of Converted Muslim in Humanitarian Work', presented by Lattefa Lai, serves as the Middle East Representative for the International Wood Culture Society & World Wood Day Foundation in Jordan.

Lai's talk explored her personal journey. "My embrace of Islam after graduating in 1983 was marked by challenges that demanded strength and perseverance," she explained. "Even during my academic years, I found solace in helping those less fortunate."

Lai described a more focused shift towards humanitarian work. "In 2011 and 2012, I began actively assisting refugees through philanthropic efforts," she said. "Then, in 2017, I connected with a team of Chinese philanthropists dedicated to refugee aid."

She elaborated on the organization she represents: "The charitable foundation I'm affiliated with started 15 years ago with a group of 30 women. It has since grown to a remarkable 10 million members, and many refugees contribute their talents through volunteering within our organization and its projects."

Lai concluded by highlighting the connection between her faith and her work. "The spirit of compassion in Islam finds expression through charitable acts and good character," she emphasized. "These are the values we strive to embody in everything we do."

TWMCC is an international non-governmental organisation that functions as a think tank. It supports Muslim community organisations and associations by helping them improve their operations, collaborate effectively, and adopt innovative approaches.


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