TWMCC Holds ‘Integration and Future of Muslim Communities in Ireland’ Online Ramadan Lecture

  • 2024-Mar-24

The World Muslim Communities Council held an online Ramadan lecture, titled "Integration and Future of Muslim Communities in Ireland", delivered by Sheikh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, Chairperson of Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council, Ireland.

During the lecture, Al-Qadri stated that Dublin's inaugural mosque was founded in 1983, with Ireland's Muslim population standing at about 20,000 in 2003 and soaring to roughly 100,000 by 2024.

He revealed that the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council promotes a range of initiatives and activities to further encourage dialogue and the assimilation of Muslims into the Irish community.

Al-Qadri added that they convene -during Eid Al Adha celebrations in Dublin Public Park- followers of Abrahamic religions, including Christians and Jews, which fosters dialogue and solidarity among diverse Abrahamic religions.

TWMCC is an international non-governmental organisation that functions as a think tank. It supports Muslim community organisations and associations by helping them improve their operations, collaborate effectively, and adopt innovative approaches.


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