TWMCC Holds ‘Muslim Women and Community Empowerment in UK’ Lecture

  • 2024-Feb-22


The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) held a virtual lecture, titled “Muslim Women and Community Empowerment in UK”, by Saba Zaman, Award-Winning Radio and Podcasts Producer in the UK.

During the lecture, Zaman said that the main role of the media in the world is to educate and raise people's awareness, which is a public service to citizens.

She added that the media in the UK is working to educate 90% of the society about the importance of religion, stressing that the UK media is ranked the 19th globally in religious awareness.

She further said that the media in the UK enjoys wide freedom of speech, but at the same time it follows some religious editorial policies to maintain balance, stressing the need to control the phenomenon of Islamophobia and confront it through media awareness.

TWMCC is an international non-governmental organisation, and a think tank to help organisations and associations working in Muslim communities, renew their thinking, improve their performance, and coordinate their joint work.


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