Zakaria El Houbba: We must worship Allah on knowledge and not on ignorance

  • 2023-Dec-25

The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) held a virtual lecture titled "Analytical Islamic Sciences and Reconstruction in Modern Time", by Dr Zakaria El Houbba, Researcher of Islamic Studies at Leuven University in Belgium.

During the lecture, Dr Zakaria El Houbba said, "In our world, we are always inclined toward our interests, hence, we must be perfectly aware of the very purpose of our existence".

El Houbba added, "Allah, Almighty, created humans and honoured them by an exclusive sincere worshiping to him alone, and we must be completely certain of that," stressing that if people understood the purpose of life, this will enable them to behave correctly in the various matters and situations they face.

Furthermore, he emphasised the necessity to base our worship to Allah, Almighty, on knowledge and not on ignorance, so that we know our duties well and carry them out, with pure intention and clarity to understand Allah, Almighty.

Moreover, he noted that understanding human behaviour requires knowledge, and that knowledge comes through logical reasoning, so we must give priority to logic, and this is one of the beauties of Islam.

He further added, "Each of us thinks about his life and does his best to ensure that he is on the right path, and this is called self-purification".

TWMCC is an international non-governmental organisation, and a think tank for organisations and associations operating in Muslim communities, to renew their thinking, improve their performance, and coordinate their joint work.


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