Titled 'Reforming Education & Religious Discourse' TWMCC Holds its Second Training Course in Ghana

  • 2023-Jul-19

The World Muslim Communities Council has held its second training course in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, entitled 'Reforming Education & Religious Discourse'. The 2-day training course was held in the presence of HE Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, President of 'Educate Ghana' Foundation and Former Minister of Local Development of Ghana, HE Fatimatu Abubakar, Deputy Minister of Information of Ghana, and Hassan Al Marzouqi, TWMCC Assistant Secretary-General.

The course witnessed an active participation of a number of religious leaders, Imams, preachers of mosques and principals of religious schools in Ghana. The course aimed at enhancing communication and reforming religious discourse in religious and educational institutions, in addition to building bridges of communication between followers of different religions in the same country, and exchanging experiences among the participants.

The course included several training sessions and educational seminars, which discussed the importance of giving priority to the values of citizenship and peaceful coexistence in Muslim communities. The course also addressed a number of issues about creating and formulating religious and scientific educational curricula, and using the latest technological methods and means in developing and improving the educational process.

This course is an opportunity to review the challenges facing Muslim communities in Ghana, as well as exchange experiences and ideas among the participants, to develop and improve religious education and discourse in Muslim communities. The desired goal of the course was achieved by providing an opportunity for everyone to exchange experiences, ideas and opinions, and building cooperation networks among the participants.

The lecturers in the course reviewed the latest developments in the labour market and their impact on the issue of governing religious institutions in Muslim communities. The training sessions discussed the importance of religious education and its role in building the personalities of young Muslims, and enhancing cultural awareness and educational attainment among students.

This course aims to raise the scientific and educational attainment of the participants, enable them to develop their skills in education and religious elocution, and promote belonging, peaceful coexistence and cooperation among all members of Muslim communities.

At the end of the course, certificates of participation were given to the attendees. In return, the participants praised TWMCC's efforts and keenness to organise such training courses. They stressed the importance of organising such events to develop and enhance communication and cooperation between Muslim communities around the world.


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