TWMCC Presents 5 Proposals to Combat Islamophobia at the International Conference on Fight Against Islamophobia in Azerbaija

  • 2023-Mar-16

The World Muslim Communities Council participated in the International Conference on Fight Against Islamophobia in Baku, Azerbaijan, themed 'Islamophobia as a Specific Form of Racism and Discrimination: New Global and Transnational Challenges.'

TWMCC was represented during the conference by HE Dr Mohamed Bechari, Secretary-General of The World Muslim Communities Council, who presented a research paper that includes 5 pillars to combat the phenomenon of "Islamophobia":

The first pillar is to create civilized media content that bridges the cultural and intellectual gap between human cultural systems.

The second is the courage and audacity in dealing with issues of Arab and Islamic heritage and the ability to modify and correct them and to correct the stereotypical image of the other in the textbook.

The third pillar is to enhance the contribution of Muslim

scientific competencies in Muslim societies in deepening the bridges of cultural and civilizational dialogue with Western media and cultural institutions.

The fourth pillar is to promote the principles of mutual respect, consolidate the values of understanding and coexistence, and not attack the beliefs and convictions of the other.

The fifth pillar is to activate legislation that deters all manifestations of fanaticism, extremism, takfir, hatred, and contempt for religions and prosecute all violators by legal and human rights means.

Scholars from 32 countries, led by Arab countries, experts from international organizations, religious figures, and representatives of non-governmental organizations participated in the conference.

Participants in the conference discussed different approaches to combating Islamophobia and the manifestations of Islamophobia in some European countries and the global media.


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