TWMCC Organises a Virtual Lecture Entitled "The Last Generation: Muslims’ Action and Contribution to Mediate Impact of Climate Change"

  • 2022-Nov-27

The World Muslim Communities Council organised a virtual lecture by Dr. Fachruddin Majeri Mangunjaya, Senior Lecturer at School of Graduate Program Universitas Nasional, and Chairman, Centre for Islamic Studies Universitas Nasional, Indonesia, entitled "The Last Generation:  Muslims’ Action and Contribution to Mediate Impact of Climate Change", on Saturday, 26 November 2022.


Dr. Mangunjaya said that climate change greatly affects our daily lives and humanity as a whole.

He added that we had met a few days ago in Sharm El Sheikh city with thousands of people from 200 countries and talked about joint action to confront climate change. He pointed out that he wrote a book on climate change and has been working with Muslim scientists for years on the climate change file.

Senior Lecturer at School of Graduate Program Universitas Nasional explained that he mentioned in his book that many countries in the Middle East suffer from floods and snows, all of this because of climate change.

Dr. Mangunjaya pointed out that Indonesia witnessed a period of drought in 2015, at which time Muslims prayed the prayer for rain. It rained moments after the prayer.

He added that there are 7 fatwas related to the environment in Indonesia. Hundreds of imams are being trained to spread the message of preserving the environment.

The TWMCC is an international non-governmental organization that was established on 8 May 2018 in Abu Dhabi. It includes more than 900 Islamic organizations and institutions from 142 countries. It is a think tank for helping organisations and associations operating in Muslim communities, renewing their thinking, improving their performance,and coordinating their joint work.


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