Virtual conference "Pandemics Prescription.. Restoring Hope from Qur’an, Sunnah and Science"

  • 2021-Apr-25

Among the daily virtual Ramadan lectures, The World Muslim Communities Council organized, on Saturday April 24, 2021, a lecture entitled "Pandemics Prescription: Restoring Hope from Qur’an, Sunnah and Science," in which Dr. Madiha Saeed, author family physician & Director, Education for Documenting, USA, spoke via the Council's social media pages. 

 Dr. Madiha Saeed called to thank Allah the Almighty for his broad blessings and to manage matters in the current circumstances after the outbreak of the Corona, as well as to face the uncertainty, negative outlook and the ingratitude of grace by sensing the blessings in order to protect our lives. He is stressing that fasting and the spiritual aspect enhance the immunity of the body.

 She added, "Fear must be transformed into hope, confronting challenges with opportunities, changing ourselves for the better, and applying health strategies and the immune system to improve our lifestyle and eliminate diseases."

 She emphasized that disturbing the divine ecological balance afflicts us with chronic diseases, so that the treatment of diseases is found in the Quran, where we gain immunity from the natural prophetic food that the Creator provided for us, while inflammatory cells weaken immunity, obesity and diabetes, and thus threaten health when infected with Corona or other viruses.

 Dr. Madiha Saeed explained that Ramadan aims to achieve piety, as well as eating good and halal food in a clean environment, because processed foods destroy the nutritional balance, immune system and the environment, stressing that we are away from sugars, carcinogens, soda, and additive and colored foods.

 It is noteworthy that the World Muslim Communities Council is an international non-governmental organization, headquartered in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.  It is considered a think tank to rationalize organizations and societies working in Muslim societies, renew their thinking and improve their performance in order to achieve one goal;  The integration of Muslim societies in their countries, in a way that their members realize the perfection of citizenship and complete affiliation with the Islamic religion. The council seeks, through holding dozens of virtual conferences, seminars and activities, to localize the concepts of religious, ethnic and cultural pluralism, in a manner that preserves human dignity and respect for his beliefs, and establishes the values ​​of moderation, dialogue, tolerance and belonging to the homelands.


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