With the participation of WMCC....Global Conference for Ifta kicks off in Egypt

  • 2019-10-15

Sponsored by the Egyptian president Abdul Al Fattah Sisi, and attended by dignitaries from Great scholars and Muftees from 85 countries around the world, the the 5th International Conference which is held by the General Secretariat for Councils and Centers for Ifta around the world, under the theme: "the civilized management of jurisprudential dispute" with the participation of the World Muslim Communities Council 

The two-day conference takes place in October 15-16 which is attended by a crowd of ministers and ambassadors of states and UAE high-level officials and top scholars and jurisprudence experts in different countries of the world.

The participants discuss the issue of the conference on four main topics which aim to establish the idea of the management and investment of jurisprudential dispute in a positive way where the participants will review in the first topic under the theme "theoretical framework for the civilized management of the jurisprudential dispute", the points of convergence and divergence between Islamic model and other in considering the issue of dispute in general. As for the second topic, it is entitled "the History of Jurisprudential Dispute Management: "presentation and critics" where the participants will discuss how islamic jurisprudential experience through different ages should be benefited. As fas as the third topic is concerned , it is about "Considering the Objectives, Rules and Management of Jurisprudential Dispute Management...Methodical Framework". The fourth topic under the theme "Management of Jurisprudential Dispute...Prospects and Expectations", it will deal with many expectations through the mutual studies and discussions in this topic in an attempt to achieve results about the civilized management for the jurisprudential dispute in Ifta aspect especially in all areas of life.

Three workshops will be held during the Conference involving Fatwa, Information Technology and others concerning the mechanisms for tackling Islamophobia and the third is about showcasing the results of Global Index for Fatwa.

The events includes the organization of three workshops aiming to enrich the discussions covered during the Conference and assess some important projects previously launched, such as: Workshop on the presentation of the results of Global Index for Fatwa. It is intended to assess the the performance of Global Index for Fatwa throughout one year and providing recommendations for development and improvement.

The second workshop under the theme "Fatwa and Information Technology", it aims to identify how the Muftee would benefit from digital revolution in developing Fatwa performance and devise theoretical and practical principles 

to avail from digitalization in the area of Ifta, and exchanging thoughts for new softwares serving Fatwa field and implementing the project of online Fatwa. This third workshop comes to raise "Mechanisms for Handling Islamophobia." The Conference will include panel discussion under the theme "Towards good strategy for the Management of Jurisprudential Dialogue."

The Conference launches a number of initiatives and important Fatwa projects, including launching "the Document of Jurisprudential Tolerance" which has been made to acknowledge the principles of tolerance and abandon bigotry in the field of Fatwa and Islamic Jurisprudence" and launching "Prize baptized by Imam Al Qarafi" to honour those who have conducted distinguished researches which enrich jurisprudential and research production and declaring "International Day for Ifta" which aims to devising rules for Fatwa and seeking Fatwa and promoting institutions, bodies and Fatwa organizations among Arab and Muslim nations and coordinating between themselves to build exchange thoughts and launching "the Document of Fatwa Tolerance" and inaugurating "Observation of Fatwa Prospects."

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