Participation of the World Muslim Communities Council in the conference of International Islamic Fiqh Academy in Madinah

  • 2018-10-30

The World Muslim Communities Council has participated in the conference of International Islamic Fiqh Academy at its 23rd session in Medina.

The conference, which is organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in collaboration with the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly, will be continued for five days with the participation of a number of scholars, jurists, academics and specialists from 46 countries. It included more than 50 researches, a working paper and 16 scientific sessions.

On the sidelines of the conference, Dr. Mohamed Bechari, Secretary-General of the World Muslim Communities Council, met with H.E. Sheikh Dr. Saleh bin Humaid, head of the Council of International Islamic Fiqh Academy and conveyed him the greetings of HE Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, head of the World Council of Muslim Communities.

They talked about the reality of Muslim societies between the dangers of slipping into extremism groups; the jurisprudential problems facing them and the need to work with the prestigious jurisprudential institutions to consolidate the values of coexistence and integration.

The conference dealt with six themes, including underage marriage between the right of the guardian and the benefits of the girl with the extent of the guardian's authority to prevent or restrict it from the perspective of Sharia,

They talked also about the detonators in the field of medication and female genital mutilation in the Islamic perspective. Furthermore, the intellectual and practical measures to confront extremism and terrorism in various fields, and in the areas and advantages that granted by the bank to the current account clients from the perspective of Sharia, and the impact of the marriage spouse on the matrimonial property.

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