The World Muslim Communities Council holds a virtual conference "Role of Women in Muslim Communities in Times of Crisis," on july 4th 2020

  • 2020-Jun-21

The World Muslim Communities Council is organizing the first virtual conference for women entitled "Role of Women in Muslim Communities in Times of Crisis", on July 4, 2020, at 10 pm GMT, through the (Zoom) program.

The importance of the conference comes from looking at the crises and wars that humanity has gone through, some of which have left millions of victims, between dead and sick. We are also witnessing the outbreak of COVID-19 in all countries of the world, and the death and destruction that it caused. Believing in the importance of the women role in dealing with the effects of these crises besides her male brother, states, governments and organizations have sought to activate this role so that peace, security and stability prevail in the world.

Proceeding from the World Muslim Communities Council goals, especially those related to activating the role of Muslim women in Muslim societies, which states "the rehabilitation of families, women, youth and children in the citizenship education, to be pride in their national, cultural and religious identity, and contribute to the development of their societies", the organization of this virtual international conference comes with the participation of hundreds of Muslim women's activities from the five countries.

The conference abound in several sessions, such as the desired role of Muslim women in times of crisis, confronting currents of hatred and racism, dialogue between religions and civilizations, "school education remotely for children": its problems and methods, relief and humanitarian work and the health sector, and how to contribute in spreading awareness of the seriousness of pandemic outbreaks.


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